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Pregnancy, mother and baby care

Almost all women suffer a variety of aches and pains during pregnancy and many suffer a whole host of problems after

the baby is born. The constant care and attention given to the baby and the general lack of sleep result in great physical and

emotional strain. Gentle Bowen treatment provides immeasurable benefit in relieving the aches and pains. Additionally,

Bowen works at an emotional level, to improve the mother and baby bonding and general relations within the family. Bowen

therapy can be of great value in postpartum depression.


A treatment or two for the baby or child at an early stage can boost the body systems and promote better health.


Sports Injuries and performance

Common sports injuries respond very well to Bowen therapy. A sportsperson's performance can improve

as a result of better physical health and fitness.

Jaw pain & dental care

Bowen therapy is very effective in treating jaw and facial pain, whether the pain is due to dental problems, poor eating habits or due to teeth grinding. People who are apprehensive about receiving dental treatment and those who have problems following extensive dental treatment can benefit greatly from Bowen therapy.

Other therapeutic techniques

For those that still prefer a firmer and more thorough treatment, Asif Amann can use other techniques such as manipulations, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular techniques and soft tissue techniques - therapeutic massage. These were learnt whilst studying BSc Osteopathy and Diploma in Osteomyology.

Therapies practised by Asif Amann include:

Bowen Technique

Neurostructural Integration Technique NST

Emmett Technique

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